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Whiter and brighter teeth can help you feel more confident and even enhance your appearance. At 360 Dental, Vachik Danoukh, DMD, and Parham Mansouri, DDS, MS, offer advanced teeth whitening treatments with KöR® Whitening and Opalescence® Boost. To start your path to whiter teeth, book a consultation at this Van Nuys, California, dental practice. Schedule online or over the phone.

Teeth Whitening Q & A

What happens during a teeth whitening appointment?

Professional teeth whitening doesn’t just remove surface stains as at-home whitening toothpastes do. They reach deep down and remove stains from underlying layers. During your treatment, your hygienist thoroughly cleans your teeth before getting started.

They carefully apply the Opalescence Boost gel, which contains a powerful 40% hydrogen peroxide solution. Because Opalescence Boost is chemically activated, you won’t have to go through an uncomfortable light treatment to achieve optimal results.

The entire teeth whitening treatment, from beginning to end, usually takes about 40 minutes. You leave the office with a smile that’s several shades whiter than before.*

Does teeth whitening cause sensitive teeth?

One of the biggest complaints men and women report when they talk with their dentist about teeth whitening is the sensitive teeth issue. Usually, heightened sensitivity in your teeth after at-home whitening occurs because the solution is left on too long, or because it gets onto your gums.

The clinical-grade teeth whitening solutions offered at 360 Dental are created with the sensitivity concern in mind. The Opalescence Boost and KöR whitening solutions help desensitize your teeth, which minimizes sensitivity. If you do experience sensitive teeth after your treatment, it’s very minor and only lasts temporarily.

How can I keep my teeth white?

The team at 360 Dental is confident that you’re going to love your new and improved smile after your professional whitening session. To help your results last and to decrease issues with future stains, your dedicated dental practitioner can help you learn to whiten your teeth at home.

They offer clinical-grade teeth whitening kits with KöR and Opalescence. All you have to do is apply the whitening gel to your whitening trays, slip them on, and sit back and relax for the recommended time.

Plus, 360 Dental offers a Whitening for Life Program. As long as you continue coming in for your regularly scheduled routine visits and purchase one of the clinic’s own premier at-home whitening kits, the team gladly refills your gel annually, at no additional charge.

Schedule your professional teeth whitening treatment at 360 Dental today. You can either request an appointment online or call the office directly.

*Individual results may vary.