Snap-On Smile


Are you looking for a celebrity smile but do not have a movie star’s budget? You have come to the right place! Our office offers an affordable cosmetic alternative to permanent dental work at a fraction of the cost of veneers and other cosmetic procedures.

Snap-On-Smile gives you a beautiful smile and is a good option for dental phobic patients. An impression is made in our dental office. You can choose the shade and shape and create the smile you want. We send your case to the lab and in less than seven days, your new smile design is sent back to us and your smile is ready to SNAP in place and ready to wear. 

  • No Shots
  • No drilling
  • It’s removable
  • No cement or adhesives
  • You can even eat with it
  • Snaps into place
  • Affordable
  • No Pain!


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